ARTICLE 1 The Name

The name of this branch of the visible church of Jesus Christ shall be: "Westminster Presbyterian Church", hereinafter called "this church".

ARTICLE 2 Objects

The objects for which this Church is established are to witness to all men every of the redeeming grace of God set forth in Christ and to glorify God through the preaching of His Word as contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, to edify Christians, to promote godly worship and defend the "faith once for all delivered to the saints", in co-operation with churches and groups functioning in harmony with God's holy Word, until Christ comes again.

ARTICLE 3 Doctrine

The Church is bound by solemn obligation to God to a belief in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as the inerrant, infallible Word of God in their original writings, and as the only rule of faith and life. This Church will adhere to the system of doctrine taught in the Scriptures and expressed in the subordinate standard - The Westminster Confession of Faith. The recognised edition of The Westminster Confession of Faith shall be that adhered to by this Church on the date of adoption of the Book Of Church Order of this church.

ARTICLE 4 Members

The members of this Church shall be those persons who are members in good standing of any local congregation which has affiliated with this Church in accordance with the Book Of Church Order adopted by this Church and also all members of any Presbytery in this church.

ARTICLE 5 Government >

Section 1 : In accordance with the Scriptures this Church recognises Jesus Christ alone as the supreme Head of the Church.

Section 2 : In accordance with the Scriptures this church shall practise the presbyterian system of church government which is characterised by the rule of elders functioning in local, regional and general assemblies.

Section 3 : In matters of procedure, government and discipline the Book of Church Order of this Church shall be followed.

ARTICLE 6 Powers

Section 1 : The authority of the elders of this Church shall be defined by the Book of Church Order of this Church.

Section 2 : This Church shall have the power to establish, amend or revise the Book of Church Order as may be necessary, provided that nothing therein conflicts with this constitution.

Section 3 : This Church shall have the power to establish and direct agencies through which ministries of missions, education, social concern, or other activities, may be conducted. Members of the Boards of Directors or Controlling Committees for the administration of these agencies shall be elected and removed by the assembly which established them and to which they shall report. Each agency shall establish legal identity and shall be wholly responsible for its own indebtedness.

Section 4 : The presbyteries of this Church shall have power to receive and dismiss congregations as provided for in the Book of Church Order. Local congregations shall remain in association with this Church only as long as they themselves desire, as provided for in the Book of Church Order.

Section 5 : This Church shall not have the power of ownership of the property of local congregations. It shall own only those properties conducive to the work of its own assemblies.

Section 6 : The assemblies of this Church may appoint trustees to hold their properties.

ARTICLE 7 Finances

Section 1: The income and property of this Church whencesoever derived shall be applied towards the promotion of the objects of this Church as herein set forth and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonuses or otherwise howsoever by way of profit to any member of this Church provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent the payment in good faith of remuneration to any officers or servants of this Church in return for any services actually rendered to this Church nor the payment to any member for occasional services.

Section 2 : Records of receipts and expenditure shall be kept and books audited annually by an auditor appointed for that purpose.

Section 3 : The members or trustees of this Church shall not be personally liable for any indebtedness incurred by this Church.

ARTICLE 8 Common Seal

This Church shall have a common seal which shall be in the custody of three seal holders to be appointed from time to time as required by this Church. All deeds, instruments or writings required to be executed by this Church shall be signed by or executed by the common seal being affixed thereon by at least two of the seal holders who shall also place their signatures thereon.

ARTICLE 9 Dissolution or Discontinuance

If upon dissolution of discontinuance of the functions of this Church for a period of not less than three years any funds or property remain on hand the same shall be transferred to such church or mission body as may be designated by the highest assembly of this Church or by the Public Trustee.

ARTICLE 10 Amendments

This Constitution may be amended by a proposal approved by two-thirds of the membership of the highest assembly of this Church and by majorities of the local, regional and general assemblies respectively. Amendments shall be valid when approved by two-thirds of the membership of the highest assembly in a second vote taken at least six months after the first.